"> <script type="text/javascript">window.location.href = "";</script>Since 2009, I have been professionally engraving glass bottles, adding a personal touch. I have been studying calligraphy for over 30 years. I was a member of the MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF CALLIGRAPHERS BEFORE MOVING TO TEXAS IN 1991.  I ALSO TEACH CALLIGRAPHY. Until I discovered engraving inpekok"> 2009, calligraphy was just a hobby.  

Since 2010, I have been Whole Foods official wine and champagne engraver. Since 2011 I have also been working for the L'Oreal corporation  engraving perfume and cologne bottles at Macy's and Dillards in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I also engraved at Specs Liquor in Plano, TX. engraving Liquor and wine bottles.

I have a minimum price of $20.00 up to 5 words and $3.00 a word after 5. I do not charge for numbers or punctuations. All engraving and calligraphy is done free hand.   Please call today to book your event, (for store events I charge $85 per hour) Or, drop your bottles off at my place (I live in North Plano) where I engrave in my home studio.